2024 Greater Dublin Realty Association

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Each member is required to complete this form accompanied by a one time flat fee of only $35.00. This will entitle each member to have their name listed in the directory, as well as voting privileges for Brokers and Affiliates. Also, the weekly dues are $4.00. You do have the option to prepay the weekly dues including membership for the entire year at the discounted rate of $155.00.

After completing the form below you will be directed to a payment page. From there, you will be able to select from the following options.

  • Annual Membership – $35
  • Annual Membership + Pre-Paid Weekly Meetings – $155
  • Display AD – Home Tour Sheet (backside) – $75
  • Website Sponsorship AD – $100
  • Corporate Sponsorship Website AD – $500

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I agree to support this Association by my attendance and participation. I further agree to abide by the BY LAWS/Regulations set forth by the membership. I also understand that the Greater Dublin Realty Association is a non-profit organization originated to foster business relationships and make charitable contributions. My participation in sponsored events, including weekly home tours, is voluntary and I agree to hold the Greater Dublin Realty Association harmless in the event of any accident or injury I sustain through my participation.